A Convergence… causing an “A-Ha”!

I didn’t really have a lot planned this weekend… and I was quite happy with that! Time for me to spend in reflection, working on goals and doing whatever filled me up.

On Saturday morning, I happened stumble on a Facebook post and watch a Facebook Live that converged and provided me with this a-ha! First, the Facebook Live post… https://www.facebook.com/1009747292/videos/10217105120592709/?id=1009747292

This is a live post from my friend Amanda. The post is worth watching – Amanda inspires me, and I believe there is something in her message for all of us. There were a number of important things I got out of that message, however I want to focus on just one thing in the context of my “a-ha”. At one point Amanda talks about not being a rule-follower, being a “free spirit”. I’ve always wanted to be that free spirit, that promoter, that “wild child”… I’ve always been drawn to those types of people.

Secondly, I ran across this article in an Oprah Magazine article: https://www.oprahmag.com/life/a25990804/what-drawing-x-says-about-personality/?utm_medium=social-media&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=socialflowFBOPR&fbclid=IwAR2yvDS8DiesjOx3kz3FfqksgIrUAX-lEW9ULszDnswyXm8QJ5fLkxbhr4M

If you take a look at the above article and read the descriptions, I am a #7. “This is how you were likely taught in school to write your letters, going from left to right. That indicates that you don’t tend to stray from the norm—and you like order and balance.”

I read the above quote and laughed out loud… I would’ve likely spewed my coffee had I been drinking any at the time. The above sentence couldn’t be any more accurate about me!

And this is where the convergence happened…

I realized that I can’t change the fundamental core of who I am. I am never going to be that wild child, free spirit who chucks all of the rules and flies by the seat of her pants. I am someone who needs some structure and balance… BUT… having structure and balance doesn’t mean I limit my choices and continue living in a box. It doesn’t mean that I don’t get to stretch and grow outside of my comfort zone. It doesn’t mean that I don’t try new things, sometimes simply just “go for it” without analyzing it beforehand. It doesn’t mean that I don’t go for my goals…

What it does mean is that I get to honour who I am. I get to celebrate being me, instead of trying to change my inner core – which would not be living as my authentic self. I get to celebrate a life of richness by spending time with all kinds of different people… who challenge me, push my boundaries, and help me see new possibilities… all while staying true to myself!

I also realized that “owning who I am” doesn’t mean that I get to use it as a “shell” or as an “excuse”. I get to celebrate me while focusing on my goals… and allowing myself to dream bigger!

I am celebrating all of the analysts, promoters, supporters and controllers in my life… each of you are part of the tapestry of my life! The threads of those who support me, challenge me and allow me to grow into the woman I am meant to be will be woven into a more intricate pattern of mutual support as we move forward.

Let me enrich your life and help empower you to be your “authentic you”!